September 22, 2020

Top 5 reasons to invest in off plan

Buying an investment ’off-plan’ continues to be the investment of choice. The Government’s introduction of the Help to Buy mortgage scheme has pushed up demands for new-builds and with annual yields continuing to increase, it’s no wonder this savvy property investment choice is such an appealing investment right now.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider investing in ’off-plan‘ in the UK.

No.1 Capital Growth

Locking in a price before the property has been built gives the greatest potential opportunity for maximum capital gain.

No.2 Support

Many developers offer a whole host of support such as mortgage and lettings advice through out the purchase process – providing a ‘hands off’ approach if required.

No.3 Discounts

Many developers offer incentives and discounts against open market values when purchasing one of more properties.

No. 4 Attraction

New build properties are more attractive to tenants than older properties where others have lived in previously, thus new build properties typically achieve a premium compared to comparable older properties.

No.5 Take your Pick

Another key factor when purchasing off plan is the ability to choose your preferred plot. Choosing wisely could allow for better returns to be made further down the line…

Of course, buying off-plan isn’t right for everyone– it depends on the type of property you’re targeting, and what’s happening with property prices locally. Off plan should not be considered ’too risky’ In today’s markets, the risks are more controlled in property than in pretty much every other asset classes. Property is a tangible brick and mortar assets. Values may go down that’s right . But since the records began, they have always come back up, and up.

Take control of your future with buy to let property. To find out more , speak to one of our investment specialists about the discounts, incentives and locked in prices available in developments across the UK.