June 16, 2016

Build to rent – the UK’s property future

Courtesy of IA property, we were keen to share this article highlighting how build-to-rent is becoming more attractive to property investors everywhere.

3 key reasons why build to rent is holding its own and flying the flag for smart property investors

1. Sustainability 

There are less homeowners. This is leading to a strong growth in the rental sector, creating potential for long-term rental stability.

We are it seems, Generation Rent and driving the growth in the current market. A huge sector that enjoys renting and doesn’t seem to be changing its mind anytime soon. In fact, the number of homeowners dropped from three quarters in the 1990s to only 62.5%. This means that people are becoming more comfortable with renting, even with an improving economy.

Build-to-rent gives those happy renters everything they’re looking for: a well located property that suits their lifestyle and covers their needs.

2. Low price

The additional stamp duty makes the market more expensive for investors. Build-to-rent, a lot of the time, is priced below market value. By investing off-plan property means the deals will be cheaper than “traditional– property, removing these potential big ticket costs on higher priced property.

3. Guarantee

Property investment, like any form of investment, bears some risks. Yet build-to-rent reduces these as many developments in this category offer guaranteed or assured return over a set period of time.

If you’d like more information about how this investment could work for you, contact us today!