September 4, 2018

Which is the most entrepreneurial UK city?

Again, it is London against Birmingham

Even though London has highest number of start-ups the latest research, based on data analysis by Instant Offices, shows that Birmingham surpasses the capital as the most entrepreneurial UK city in 2018. Birmingham takes pole position thanks to its impressive start-up to population ratio.

Why Birmingham?

In recent years the city has been growing significantly. A large number of infrastructure projects including HS2 and Paradise, significant transport improvements, and lower costs for office space have encouraged many existing and new businesses to focus their attention and relocate to Birmingham. You can find more information here.

Demand for offices and property

The increase in the number of start ups and organisations has caused a boom in Birmingham’s city centre population. This is clearly visible in the Jewellery Quarter, where many new businesses are based.

With the arrival of new companies comes an increased demand for office space and rental property. In turn, higher rental demand has impacted on rental prices in the city centre. To find out more about current property prices in Birmingham you can read our article here.