June 28, 2018

5 Advantages Of New Build Properties

Many people buying their first home or investment property are facing the decision whether to opt for new build. According to a recent Zoopla’s survey buying a new build has numerous advantages, so if you are about to take the plunge this article could help.

1. Easy to maintain

Most new builds come with a 10-year warranty and protection scheme which will decrease the costs for maintenance of the building significantly. Also if your property contains brand new integrated appliances they automatically come with a guarantee.

2. Attractive look and style

New builds usually follow trends in interior design with a large open-plan kitchens and living areas – a must have for most property savvy investors.

3. Eco-friendly credentials

New builds are built to higher eco standards with good insulation which make them easier to heat. In this way they are more cost-efficient and the monthly bills will be cheaper than those in an equivalent older property.

4. Well built/modern specification

As standards and regulations are constantly changing new builds are required to reflect these standards. Modern specifications as standard include:

  • Integrated appliances
  • Spotlights
  • Chrome/brushed metal fixtures
  • Wooden/anti slip vinyl flooring

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5. Built in desirable areas

New builds often spring up in areas of regeneration or desirable areas where the demand for property is high. Without demand, developers would be unlikely to build new homes.

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